Homeowners regularly try to improve their properties. Between that and certain maintenance issues, there are times when it is necessary to dig in your yard. But there is not just dirt under the surface, most homes have several hidden lines that are not only important, but could be dangerous if they are contacted. In addition, disturbing them can cost a lot of money in repairs, so know where these things are before you start digging in your yard.

  1. Sewer or septic line. Whether you are hooked up to public sewer or have a private septic, your sewage has to go somewhere, which means there are pipes in your yard. Hitting them is not only a stinky mess, but an expensive fix and may not be covered under a homeowners insurance policy.
  2. Water main. If you’re not on a public water system, you will have water lines running from your well. Either way, you have water lines somewhere underground.
  3. Electric, cable, and phone lines. If you have buried electric lines, running into these is a dangerous issue, because they are live. If this happens, call 911.
  4. Gas lines. Many homes use natural gas or propane to cook, heat, or power their dryer. Even if you currently aren’t using gas, there could still be lines to the house that were used at one time. Always use caution when digging.
  5. Sprinkler system lines. These water lines are close to the surface, so it won’t take much to damage them. It’s best to make a map of where they are when you install the system, or at least try to figure it out as best you can before digging.

Before You Dig

Many home projects require digging. Whether you’re putting in new landscaping or putting in a drainage pipe, it’s important to think before you start excavating your yard. Know where all these things are to avoid an expensive repair, and to stay safe.

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