Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation coverage pays for medical care and physical rehabilitation of employees injured at work and helps to replace lost wages while they are unable to work. Additionally, this coverage protects an employer from being sued by an injured worker in most cases.

Oyer, Macoviak and Associates can help your business find complete solutions to your unique workers compensation insurance needs. We’ll find solutions that create safer and more productive workplaces, more confident and secure workers, and overall savings you’ll see on the bottom line.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions about Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is a form of insurance that protects the workers and their employers against any injury or death due to accidents at work in exchange for premiums paid by the employer. Workers' compensation can be obtained on an individual basis or group basis depending on the province where you live.

All employers have a legal obligation to provide workers' compensation insurance for their employees.

The cost of workers' compensation insurance depends on many factors. The first is the area where you're doing business. For example, in California it may be more expensive than in Texas or Florida. The second is the type of business you're in. For instance, if your business has a greater risk for injury or death than other businesses, then it is likely to cost more to get workers compensation coverage. In addition, whether you will need some additional options like disability insurance or health care benefits from the policy can affect the price.

Workers' compensation policies are available through insurance companies or brokers. Your current insurer may offer it as a package when you renew your policies, and many online insurers also provide this service.

The employee makes a claim and submits it to the employer. The employer or their insurance company will verify that all the necessary documentation is included with the workers comp claim including all medical certificates, any previous workers compensation claims filed by this individual etc.

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Workers Compensation Insurance Programs

At Oyer, Macoviak and Associates we have specific tailored insurance programs for the following types of business’s which can save the business owner up to 30%

* Beauty and Barber Shop
* Contractors Insurance ( General Contractor, Plumbing, Painting, Landscape, Electricians, Floor Installation, Heating and Air Conditioning and many more)
* Dentist Office
* Florist Shop
* Legal Office
* Medical Office
* Optical Good Store
* Real Estate Agents
* Restaurant
* Retail
* Wholesalers

Some Workers Compensation coverage can include:

• Innovative payment systems
• Medical disability case managers
• Utilization management nurses
• Certified life care planning nurses
• Vocational rehabilitation consultants
• Physician consulting services
• Legal staff
• Contracts with medical network providers
• Managed prescription drug program

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Workers Compensation Insurance Companies We Proudly Represent

At Oyer, Macoviak and Associates we are not captive to one insurance company so we can shop the different insurance companies to give you the best coverage with the best rate.