Homeowners Insurance Drone

The homeowners insurance field is rapidly changing. Various trends are making their way into the filing process. Many of them are designed to speed up the filing process.

But why change the claim process? Technological advances, improvement of the customer experience as well as variations in claims has led to a desire to automate, expedite and smooth filing. Here are a few advances in the insurance field:

1. Drones

Drone technology has been employed in assessing roof damage. It might be safer since it does not require humans to climb up and assess. But digitally looking at something may not reveal all pertinent damage, in the same way that a human being can gauge the damage.

2. Automated Claim Filing

A smoother and more direct claim filing process streamlines filing. Taking out tedious steps clears the air for both sides. What could be the benefit of automated claim filing? This means that less staff is needed for individual claims, and then more staff could be moved to validate bigger and more complex claims. Automation in this sense may not necessarily take away jobs. Its intention is to make the claims more efficient. Automation also can refer to helpful technologies such as: online client portals and mobile apps for consumers.

3. Connectivity

Technology in the insurance industry has become more connected. This means that individuals have greater access to prevention of potential threats or to additional factors (e.g. more comprehensive monitoring and all-inclusive monitoring can take place).

Of course, more data points can be helpful. But too much data can be detrimental, as it lacks the ability to be balanced and compared. Data is best utilized when a human is included as well. This means that numbers and assessment can then be properly analyzed.

4. Safety Standards

Increased safety standards for major companies has also improved and streamlined the filing process. These safety regulations contribute to improved risk management procedures. Regardless of the safety standards required, insurance claims are hardly going to be eradicated. Weighing safety with potential risk is a delicate equation that requires more than simply implementing a few safety changes.

The insurance industry is constantly evolving. The faster that claims can be filed, the more streamlined the process becomes. But it is important to remember that faster may not be better. Claims take time. Claims take people. The above technologies are not just about quick and fast. Reliability, safety, accuracy and prevention are key elements in the insurance industry.

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