Being a plumber can come with certain on-the-job risks, which makes it critical that you invest in plumber’s insurance whether you are an independent contractor or you own a plumbing business. Plumber’s insurance is a type of contractor’s liability insurance with policies specific to those who are employed in the plumbing industry. This type of insurance can be critical in protecting you and your business no matter what happens while you are on the job. If you have not already invested in plumber’s insurance, here are just a few of the reasons why it is critical for you to do so.

It May be Required

If you own/operate a plumbing business, it is critical that you do your research in order to determine what licensing and insurance are required of you. Depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, you may be required to at least have general liability insurance for your contracting business. Even if insurance is not required, it is highly recommended for the reasons listed below.  

You Never Know What Will Happen

The fact is that in any contracting field there is a certain about of risk that you will injure yourself or cause damage to a property on which you are working. However, the damages caused by a plumbing accident can be particularly significant due to the nature of the job. If you fail to attach plumbing correctly, or you accidentally cut the wrong pipe, this can cause substantial water damage to the property leaving you responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damages. However, plumber’s insurance will help to ensure that your business is protected in such incidents and that the costs of the damages caused by any accidents will be covered.   

Protect Your Investment

Whether you are an independent contractor or a business owner, you will have a significant amount of capital invested in equipment for your plumbing business. If this equipment malfunctions, fails, is damaged on the job, or is stolen by an employee, you can be left with thousands of dollars in losses. However, plumber’s insurance can help to protect you in this instance by helping you to replace any faulty or stolen equipment.


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