Business professionals need to keep their equipment, premises and most importantly their customers and staff protected at all times. It is important to keep headquarters and commercial space well maintained, however the on-site staff and clientele are crucial for all operations to even take place and these individuals must be safeguarded at all times.

Professional liability insurance is one of the most important lines of coverage for a business professional. Therefore, it is vital to understand one’s policy and coverage as it relates to liability. Business owners may pick the type of liability coverage they want with a lot depending on the type of services being rendered. Oyer, Macoviak and Associates are familiar with writing liability policies for a variety of industries pertaining to: mental health services, engineering, real estate, the legal field, accounting, architecture, web development, mass communications, and more.

What All is Covered Under this Type of Policy?

Professional liability insurance is a type of coverage that understands that a business professional needs to have the back-up and support of his or her insurance policy in order to defend the company in a court of law and cover medical expenses from unforeseen accidents or mishaps. An employee or customer that is injured at a place of business may be able to hold the owner liable for damages and medical cost coverage. Slips, trips, and falls that occur on-site can lead to costly insurance claims where good liability coverage will make a big financial difference for the policyholder.

Liability coverage works to resolve a claim in a way that keeps all parties protected. Claims and/or lawsuits can be costly to defend because often times the plaintiffs feel they are owed for pain and suffering. Insurance liability coverage will provide assistance in cases resulting in: “bodily injury, medical expenses and property damage, as well as the cost of defending lawsuits,” according to the National Association of Insurance Commission.


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