Owning a small business is a dream for many people. To ensure that your business is properly protected from a variety of different risks, it is important that you have a quality commercial insurance policy in place. There are several different factors and types of coverage that you need to make sure you have in your business insurance policies.

Liability Insurance

All small business owners need to have liability insurance. Liability insurance is extremely important as it will protect you from lawsuits in the event someone is injured due to the use of your product or service. The amount of liability insurance that you will need will vary considerably from one business to the next.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is another type of coverage that is a practical necessity for all small business owners.  If you own real estate, the property insurance policy will provide you with coverage in the event the building is damaged.  Even if you do not own your own property, you will still need to have coverage to protect any equipment or other real assets owned by the business.

Workers Compensation

Small business owners or a certain size are required by law to carry some form of workers compensation insurance.  Workers compensation insurance will provide coverage for employees that are injured while they are on the job.  The cost of workers compensation insurance will vary considerably based on the nature of your industry.


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