Driving a car is a practical necessity for most people today in Florida. If you have a vehicle, you will be required to keep it properly insured according to the state law. When you are looking to build an auto insurance policy, there are a number of coverage types that you should consider including in your policy.

Liability Coverage

When you are building a car insurance policy, the first type of insurance to consider is liability coverage. In most states, liability coverage is a necessity in order to drive a car. Liability coverage will provide you with a certain level of coverage for any property damage or medical expenses that are incurred as a result of an accident in which you are deemed to be liable. This type of coverage will not provide you with any coverage for any expenses that you incur.

Collision Coverage

Another type of insurance coverage to consider including in your policy is collision coverage. Collision coverage will provide you with coverage for your vehicle in the event your car is damaged in an auto accident. This will provide you with coverage in the event you are deemed to be at fault or if the at-fault party does not carry adequate insurance.

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Comprehensive Coverage

The third type of coverage that you should consider carrying in your auto insurance policy is comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will provide you with insurance for a wide variety of losses including if your car is stolen, damaged by a storm, vandalized, or if you are in an accident with an animal. A lender often requires this type of coverage, along with collision coverage, if you have a loan or lease on the vehicle.


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