It can be easy to forget about homeowners’ insurance when you have been homeowners for a while. But home insurance is an important part of being a homeowner and if your policy is coming due it’s time to get back on track! In this blog post, we will discuss what homeowners need to do when their homeowner’s insurance is coming due so that they don’t miss the protection that they need.

Find out what your current homeowners insurance policy is and how much it costs.

First step is to find out what your current home insurance policy premium will be for the coming year. In addition, please make sure that there are no coverage changes. If there are changes, make sure to contact your insurance agent and ask them what the change is.

Compare the cost of your current plan to other plans on the market. 

The next step is to do a comparison of homeowners insurance quotes by using an online calculator like the one at Make sure you use more than one quote provider and compare plans side-by-side. Once you have some options, make sure that all your coverage needs are met with no gaps in between them. This will ensure that you know what home insurance plan is best for you.

Consider whether you want a higher deductible or more coverage for things like flood damage, or personal property theft.

Another important factor homeowners should consider when renewing your homeowners’ insurance is whether they want a higher deductible or reduce coverage. Raising your all-other peril or hurricane deductible can reduce your premium up to 30% but please remember that you will have to pay for the deductible if you have a claim. You can also lower your premium by reducing coverages. You should consider whether you can afford to replace your homeowners’ belongings if they were stolen by a thief, such as jewelry and electronics.

Check with your agent about any discounts available for bundling auto and home insurance together. 

Before renewing your homeowner’s insurance, it’s a good idea to ask your agent if there are any discounts available for bundling auto and home insurance together. This will ensure that you know what is cheapest for you as well as not having to pay out of pocket fees in case an emergency does occur.


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