There are several reasons why a home insurance company might decide to cancel your policy. For example, you may have neglected to pay the premiums, your house’s condition could’ve seriously deteriorated or the insurer might have decided to stop serving your area. Either way, it’s vital to begin taking steps to avoid or shorten a lapse in coverage.


The insurer may reconsider its decision if you can provide convincing reasons why it should do so. For instance, you could offer proof you just installed a fence around your swimming pool or gained a new job that will enable you to pay the premiums on time. Point out how you’ve been a good customer, such as recommending the insurer to co-workers.


An insurance company will generally warn you 60 to 180 days before non-renewing your coverage. It’s important to start shopping soon regardless of whether or not you appeal the decision. This is also a good time to complete any quick home improvements that would enhance safety.


As you look at different insurers and plans, you’ll find that many aspects of each policy are equivalent. Nonetheless, you should carefully compare certain features when you call agencies or visit their websites. Take the time to learn about the deductible, coverage limits and the insurer’s reputation. Additionally, remember to find out if a policy reimburses the actual or full replacement value of belongings.

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