Loss Assessment Home Insurance

A common question we receive in my office “I was looking over my homeowners insurance policy and what is loss assessment, and it is important?”. Loss assessment is extremely important if you live in a homeowners, condominium, or townhouse association which we have a lot in South Florida.

This coverage protects you if your association assesses you to help pay an insurance claim against the association. In addition, loss assessment in Florida does not use the normal all other deductible instead there is a standard $250.00 deductible.

Below are some examples of items that could be covered under loss assessment.

  • One of the common buildings in the association has a fire and the association assess it’s members to help pay for the association deductible.
  • A hurricane damages one of the guard houses.

If you live in a community please make sure that your current homeowners insurance policy includes this valuable coverage and you may want to increase the coverage since the premium is not very expensive.

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