Having a car insurance claim is stressful. Whether you’ve been in a collision or you need to repair weather-related damage, the last thing you need a complicated insurance bureaucracy that doesn’t feel like it’s on your side. Your insurance representatives are supposed to help get your car back in safe, working order. Follow these steps when filing a claim:

Contact Your Insurance Provider or Your Agent as Soon As Possible

If your car is damaged, we know you want to get on top of repairs immediately. So contact us or your agent as soon as you safely can. We can get a description of the incident, reach out to the other party’s insurance company, and walk you through your options for repairs and resolution.

Contacting your insurance provider quickly also means you can get the ball rolling on getting your car repair and, if needed, medical expenses paid without adding to your worries. Your safety is paramount, but send pictures and details as soon as possible.

Get an Estimate From a Reputable Car Repair Shop or Two

Most trustworthy car repair shops will give you itemized price estimates before starting any work. This lets you know the scope of the damage and helps you compare costs. You can also use these estimates as documentation when your agent requests additional details. Your initial description of the damage might not have included internal problems, and this can help you get a more accurate settlement amount.

If you can, get estimates from more than one repair company, especially if you don’t have a go-to mechanic. If you’re new in town or shopping around for a new car insurance company, we can give you a list of local companies.

Keep Copies of Everything

Getting your car fixed involves a lot of paperwork. You will have notices about each step of the filing process, estimates from repair companies, bills from associated costs like a hospital or a rental agency, and more. Keep the copies organized so you have all the information in one place.

We know that even minor car damage can be frustrating. Contact us at Oyer, Macoviak and Associates if you want more details about how to prepare for filing a claim or if you’re looking for a new insurance company.

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