When you’re starting a small business, the line between your personal assets and your business assets can be a little fuzzy. As you’re working to build your business, we can help you protect your investments and equipment by making sure you have the right small business insurance coverage in place.

What are the most important areas of coverage for your small business?

What Kind of Insurance Does Your Small Business Needs

General liability insurance covers your business activities in the event of a claim

No matter what business you’re in, one of your clients or a competing business will eventually make a claim against your business. This can result in legal fees, time taken away from your business, and additional stress, even if you’re not found at fault. General liability coverage helps handle legal costs and pays for settlements or third-party losses.

If you’re an expert in your business area, you need professional liability coverage

General liability insurance doesn’t cover every possible incident or claim. If you have a business that involves using technical knowledge or skills, or you offer consulting services, you need additional insurance for when customers claim your advice or services were wrong. This coverage is also called errors and omissions coverage, and it also helps your business offset the legal costs you might face. In fact, depending on your business, state or industry requirements might demand you have a certain minimum of professional liability coverage before letting you contract with customers.


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