More and more people are investing in real estate as a way to protect their future. Instead of selling their home, they rent it out when they decide to move. Some decide to buy a few single-family homes or an apartment complex as a way to increase their income and prepare for the future. 

However, this shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a business adventure and careful consideration needs to be taken. Too many landlords jump in without thinking about all of the expenses. One expense that you can’t forget is landlord insurance.

What does landlord insurance cover?

Building Coverage. Landlord insurance covers the building and other structures that are on the property. This includes any sheds, garages, and fences that you own. It also covers any property that it used to service the rental property.

Liability coverage. The liability portion of your insurance will protect you and your business in case your tenant is injured on the property. It will cover their medical expenses. If you find yourself in legal trouble, it will help with your legal fees.

What doesn’t it cover? 

Your tenant’s property. Unlike homeowners’ insurance, which covers your belongings, landlord insurance won’t cover your tenant’s things. For this reason, many landlords recommend renter’s insurance for their tenants. This will cover their furniture, clothing, and belongings, in case they become damaged or stolen. 

If you are serious about protecting your business and your future, it is important that you have the right amount of insurance.


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