Business insurance can be a tricky business, and that’s why we’re here to help keep all of your assets safe. Even more than with personal and car insurance, business insurance coverage is split into specific sections of protection that help you in different circumstances. The three basic categories of business insurance are for property, which is your own property, liability, which includes damage done to┬áthird parties or their property, and workers’ compensation, which covers injuries to your employees. No matter what business you have, you need some combination of all three, but the nature and risks in your business decide how to focus your coverage.

What should you do to protect your own property?

If you have a store or office, protecting that property may be the first thing you think of. In fact, depending on whether you rent or own the premises, the amount of insurance coverage you have may already be part of your contract. But property extends far beyond that. It can include your vehicles, any tools and specialty equipment, and even the products you make or the inventory you use to make them.

Different options for property insurance

Different elements of coverage protect different types of property from different types of damage; while it can be frustrating to plan for all of the specific instances of protection your business might need, the specificity also means you’re only paying for what applies to your business. Property can also include the intangible. If you lose income because of property destruction or certain federal actions, you can get that lost income back through business interruption insurance.


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