If you are a member of a condominium association or a condo owner, it is wise to have condominium insurance. But you are probably asking yourself: What coverage would the insurance offer you? Is it worth it? This guide answers your questions in-depth. Here is what the insurance caters for.


If you run a homeowners’ association (HOA) that governs condominiums, you should have HOA insurance. The insurance covers damages and physical injuries that happen in the building and common areas and the damages on the land surrounding the building.

If you own a condo, you need a condo or HO-6 insurance to cover your unit. It protects your personal belongings, personal liability, and any improvements you would like to make in the condo. It also covers any losses assessed by the association, for example, when you want to move out.

In most cases, both of these insurance types don’t cover damages caused by earthquakes and flooding, and so you will have to purchase separate coverage.  Most associations usually purchase umbrella coverage, which pays for liabilities after they reach their insurance limit.

Personal Liability

If someone is injured in the building or common areas, such as the swimming pool, hallway, or gym, the HOA insurance will take care of their medical bills and legal expenses if they file a lawsuit. Associations must ensure that their condominium building is safe, but the insurance will come in handy when something unusual happens.

If a guest is accidentally injured in your condo, you can use the HO-6 insurance to cover their medical expenses.

Additional Living Expenses

If your condo experiences damage that makes it uninhabitable, the HO-6 insurance will cover the additional living expenses. For example, when you are forced to relocate to a hotel, it will take care of your hotel bills or temporary house before the problem is solved or while looking for a permanent place.

Condominium insurance protects both the association and the individual unit owners. Regardless of your status, it is essential to work with a reliable insurance company to get the right insurance coverage. Oyer, Macoviak and Associates handle homeowners, life, business, and automobile insurance needs.


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