Homeowners insurance is an essential resource; even mortgage lenders include it as a prerequisite these days. With the variety of options out there, some homeowners still find the process of securing a bulletproof premium challenging. A well-rounded homeowner’s insurance policy should provide maximum liability protection and comprehensive disaster relief financing. With that said, here are the top five things you need in homeowner’s insurance.

1. Full Liability Replacement-Value Coverage

Experts recommend getting a policy that covers all liabilities, including natural disasters. Another invaluable layer of protection to prioritize is replacement-value coverage for repairs. Such premiums provide adequate security against valuation deficits associated with cash claims.

2. Insurer Credibility

Every insurer operates differently, so buyers of house insurance must also use track record ratings to evaluate the business. Some insurers delay processing claims unnecessarily, and request lengthy paperwork, which can be frustrating. Consumer Reports website regularly reviews insurance companies and rates their performance. Also, state regulators usually have public complaints reference records indicating any issues of unethical practice brought against insurance firms. 

3. Policy Limitations

According to the Insurance Information Institute or III, standard policies only cover 50 – 70 percent of the aggregate liability cost. Sometimes, these policies have exclusions, which sometimes include partial coverage for collectibles, jewelry, office equipment, and art. Some insurers offer comprehensive add-on features to up coverage, but the service usually carries an extra fee.

4. Insurance Premium Discounts

There are various ways to capitalize on cost savings when buying home insurance. For example, some insurance providers offer reduced rates for homes that have efficient security features and smoke detectors. Be sure to inquire about these possible cost savings before choosing a premium.

5. Higher Deductible, Lower Premium Rates

With higher deductibles, homeowners will make fewer claims and also enjoy lower insurance premium rates. Usually, homeowners’ insurance schemes offer two types of deductibles: a standard policy that covers the dollar amount for various emergencies and a percentage-based valuation option.


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