Most parents both anticipate and dread their teenage children coming of legal driving age. In one way, they’re looking forward to being able to send them off to school, practice, and activities without having to ferry them back and forth like taxi drivers. In another way, they’re dreading it. Not only must they teach their children to drive, but they must also face rising automobile insurance rates.

The most troubling concern, though, is just the idea that your teen is going to be behind the wheel.

I understand completely. We’ve all gone through it.

To keep your auto insurance low and your child safe, please consider encouraging your teen to adhere to the following advice.

Tips for Teen Drivers:

  • Hands on the wheel. Not gesturing in the air as you tell a story. Not digging around between the seats in search of a lost item. Certainly not holding your cell phone. The only reason to take your hands off the wheel is if you drive a manual transmission and need to change gears.
  • Phone put away. Even if you’re at a stop light, your job as a driver is to be fully aware of your surroundings. Keep your phone in your pocket or your bag, and your mind on the road.
  • Eyes on the road. Sure, you need to glance in your mirrors every now and then. But you don’t need to let your gaze linger on billboard images or the cute girl in the car next to yours.
  • Headlights on. Not just at night, either. Keeping your headlights on even for daylight driving ensures that you are more visible to other drivers, especially on long stretches of highway where there is a danger of oncoming drivers having zoned out.

The above list just scratches the surface. For a more complete list of advice for teen drivers, feel free to see this article from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

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