Hurricane season is a worrisome time for Floridians, especially when we are prone for hurricanes. We enjoy some of the best weather in the world, but the trade-off is experiencing some of these storms that grow over the ocean and head our direction. Weather and news channels have us tracking these storms for days before they make landfall, and we never really know how bad they will be until they get here. It’s always a good idea to assume the storm will be bad, and then if it turns out to be over-exaggerated, you haven’t lost anything. If it is a storm of the century, at least you know you are ready.

Tips for Avoiding A Homeowners Insurance Claim During Hurricane Season

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

In the days leading up to a hurricane, protect your home by:

  1. Trimming back branches and trees that are close to the house. If they fall during the storm, they will probably damage your roof.
  2. Reinforce doors and windows. If you are in the direct path of the storm, it might be a good idea to board up these easily breakable entry points.
  3. Check or purchase a generator. Chances are, power is going to be out for a time, so a generator is a good investment. It will enable you to live in your home while the power is out.
  4. Put away all outdoor toys, tools, furniture and other items that could become projectiles in high wind.
  5. Check to make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up to date. Just in case there is damage, you want to have the peace of mind that the expenses won’t add to your already stressful situation.

Don’t Forget the Following Items

In addition to preparing your home, prepare your family by assembling some essentials. Include a battery-operated radio, batteries, medications for several days, food, water, flashlights, important paperwork, clothing, and some cash. If you have to evacuate with short notice, you can grab these items and know that you have what you need.


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