Car insurance, the safety net if disaster strikes, varies widely according to state, region, age, and type of car.  While the average cost per year is well-north of $1,000 ($1,426 according to some calculations to be precise), this number dips and rises depending on who you are, your driving record, and how questionable others drive around you.

That number ($1,426) is for the average kind of insurance, generally the kind that is required. This might mean bodily injury liability and property damage liability but not comprehensive insurance or personal injury protection insurance.

But even though it may be costly to upgrade (get a higher cost for the coverage of collisions for instance) it may be smarter and safer. Here are three reasons you need to upgrade your average car insurance.

1. What happens if there’s a riot

Yes, riots are unlikely to happen. They’re fairly rare in the United States and only occur if there’s a great deal of social tumult. But that headlines underscores the point: What happens if someone damages your car but not in an accident?

This happens all the time in America. Someone could bust a window in the middle of a theft, or slash tires in an attempt to hurt someone financially.

In these instances, liability insurance and collision insurance won’t help. For those situations, comprehensive insurance is key.

Comprehensive insurance ensures you when someone outside of your control damages the car, specifically anything that is not a collision. Slashed tires, a busted window, damage during a riot, weather damage from catastrophic storms, hitting an animal, and more. It’s less common and not listed as a minimum car insurance requirement by states but saves a car in the event of a disaster–or simply someone wanting to cause damage to it.

2. What if you hit a tree

Here’s a situation: You’re driving home late at night down a winding road in the woods. From the side of the road, a deer emerges and jumps out in front of your car. You swerve, go off the road, and hit a tree. The deer runs off and your car is damaged.

Like with situations involving comprehensive insurance, there are situations in which the minimum insurance coverage (or average) doesn’t cover the damage to your car. One-car accidents–hitting a fence, a tree, some piece of property–may require you to pay a fee for the damaged property and still leave you to pay for the damage to your own car.

That’s where collision insurance comes in. Collision insurance, while also possibly covering damage to your vehicle in an accident with another car, covers damage to your car during one-car accidents or hitting someone that is not an automobile. It’s only typically required for a vehicle if you’re leasing it from a lender, but it helps to cover damages from unforeseen events.

3. What if you’re stranded on the side of the road

There’s little more frustrating and sometimes anxiety producing than being stranded on the side of the road with your car broken down. Steam’s hissing from under the hood, your emergency lights are on, it’s starting to rain, and cars are whipping by you.

You can call a tow truck, but it’s going to cost over $100 most likely. Fortunately, your insurance company is going to help.

That situation seems relate-able to almost anyone. And insurance companies seem to understand that too. Most insurance companies now offer upgrades and add-ons to automobile insurance to offer more protection in case of an unforeseen problem.

Some of those include emergency roadside assistance, rental reimbursement (if your car is in the shop in accordance with a claim), full-glass protection, and more.


Having the average car insurance will save money in the short-term, but it opens a driver up to risk if something unforeseen happens. It may seem costly to upgrade or add more protection, but in the event of a one-car accident, vandalism, or emergency, it makes a difference.

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