There are a lot of auto insurance companies out there, and it can be tough to figure out which one is the best for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top ten auto insurance companies in Florida!

Progressive Insurance Company

Progressive is a popular insurance company, and they offer a wide range of coverage options, including comprehensive and collision coverage. In addition, Progressive is one of the few national insurance companies who is also writing new homeowners’ insurance in Florida.

State Farm Insurance Company

State Farm is the biggest automobile insurance company in the country, and it’s no surprise that they’re also one of the top companies in Florida. They offer a wide variety of coverage options, and they’re known for their great customer service.

Allstate Insurance Company

Allstate is another big player in the auto insurance market, and they’re popular among Floridians for their many discounts and affordable rates.

Geico Insurance Company

Geico is one of the most well-known insurance companies in the country, and they’re known for their low rates. They offer a variety of coverage options.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

Liberty Mutual is a good option if you’re looking for auto insurance that offers broader coverage. They offer several unique features, like accident forgiveness and pet injury protection.

Nationwide Insurance Company

If you’re seeking comprehensive insurance, Nationwide is another fantastic alternative. They provide a broad range of policies to select from, and they’re recognized for their great client care and claim service.

Travelers Insurance Company

If you’re searching for auto insurance that covers more than simply the basics, Travelers Insurance is an excellent choice. They provide a variety of unique features, such as accident forgiveness, loan/lease gap insurance and roadside assistance.

Hartford Insurance Company

Hartford is a good option if you’re looking for insurance that’s affordable and reliable. They offer a variety of coverage options, so you can find the perfect policy for your needs. If you are an AARP member, Hartford has a special automobile insurance program just for you.

Mercury Insurance Company

Mercury is a well-known insurance provider, and they provide a variety of coverage choices. They’re recognized for their low rates, and they offer several savings incentives to help you save money.

Farmers Insurance Company

Farmers is a popular insurance company, and they offer several different coverage options. They’re known for their affordable rates, and they offer several discounts to help you save money.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect auto insurance company for your needs! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for help.


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