Owning a swimming pool is a lot of fun for the household, but it also can increase liability risks and influence a person’s homeowners insurance. A swimming pool can be an attractive nuisance and therefore the following safety concerns should always be addressed.

Swimming Pools and Homeowners Insurance

The Exterior of the Pool

While swimming, diving, and splashing takes place in the water, there is also a lot of outside action happening around pools. Homeowners need to make sure that the exterior around a pool is as safe as possible. High fencing, locking gates, signage with swim warnings, and extra safety floats should all exist around the perimeter of a residential pool.

Slip resistant edging around the pool will also help swimmers avoid a trip and fall accident as they walk around the pool. Running and horseplay near a pool should always be discouraged because falling around or near a pool could lead to medical injuries and a homeowner being at fault.

Liability with Swimming Pools

The liability factor associated with owning a swimming pool is high, therefore it is important that homeowners make their insurance agent aware of a pool’s existence. This way the agent can make sure adequate lines of coverage are in place, and even discuss the importance of umbrella policies.

Owning a diving board or water slide will also increase the liability risk associated with owning a pool. It is a smart idea for homeowners to establish rules of usage that are strictly followed by pool guests. It is also very important that homeowners always be on-hand when people are using their swimming pool. Children should never be left unsupervised at a pool.


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