Teen Auto Insurance Claim

We’re in the midst of summer, and that means teen drivers are still out on the roads in full force. Even with part-time jobs, it leaves them ample time to grab the keys and head out with friends. Unfortunately, summer is the most dangerous time for teenage drivers statistically. If you have one in your family, remind them to keep these things in mind to avoid an automobile insurance claim.

  1. Watch out for more traffic. Summer vacations equate to more cars on the road, which means it’s more important than ever to slow down, and practice defensive driving. Visitors may not know the area, meaning they’re spending more time looking at their GPS than the road, so proceed with caution.
  2. In addition to more cars, there are more walkers, bikers, and motorcyclists too. Keep an eye out.
  3. The more people in the vehicle, the more distractions. When teenagers fill their car up with friends, there’s a higher chance of an incident. Never have more people than seat belts, and many parents make a rule of only one friend in the car at a time.
  4. It’s construction season. That means there are traffic cones, lane shifts, and actual people on the road working hard to fix those holes. Slow down to avoid a hefty speeding ticket, as well as a collision.
  5. Check your tires. Here in sunny Florida, excessive heat can cause tire blowouts on a regular basis. Encourage your teen to check their tire pressure regularly, and know how to respond if they should find themselves with a flat tire.
  6. Driving while impaired has severe consequences. Hanging out with friends in the summer often leads to experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Driving under the influence can not only lead to losing their license, but a serious accident that they will regret the rest of their life. It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but one every parent must have with their teenager.

For teens, summer is all about fun, hanging out with friends, and making memories. Remind your young driver of some of these pitfalls they can avoid this summer to reduce their chance of an accident.

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