Liability protection is a huge concern for small business and commercial property owners, which makes setting up a routine service and maintenance schedule for keeping walkways clear is very important. The Insurance Information Institute reported that slip, trip, and fall accidents can be some of the most costly and most common liability claims for business operators. “Thousands of people are injured every year—some very seriously—in slip and fall accidents on business premises.”

Insurance Claims

The day to day operations for any business owner can be overwhelming and hectic, therefore the hassle and complications that come with a slip, trip, and fall incident can be damaging to a company’s reputation and bottom line. Many of these types of insurance claims place blame on the property owner. No one can control the weather, but keeping parking lots and all outdoor walkways clear of debris, especially after a severe storm with high winds, will go a long way in keeping individuals on the property safe.

Liability claims can be costly to settle as they often include medical expenses and court settlements. A standing routine to check walkways, hallways, common areas, and means of egress to make sure they are clear will show that a commercial property owner is diligent in his or her quest to keep a property as safe as possible, even during times of inclement weather.

General Liability

Insurance carriers want to know that their small business policyholders are willing to be proactive when it comes to safety precautions at the workplace. Clearing sidewalks in a timely manner, cleaning off driveways as is necessary, and trimming back overgrown weeds, bushes, and/or trees are all acts that will be appreciated by employees and visitors. Having adequate maintenance routines in place will lower the liability risk for a commercial property, which can help the business to keep a good standing record when it comes to the claim’s history on their insurance policy.


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