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Whether you’re setting a horse’s broken leg or immunizing family pets, as a veterinarian, you work hard providing proper care for these precious creatures and supporting their owners.

As a vet, as in any medical practice, your exposure is high. Here we examine some of the recommended business insurance coverages for veterinarians that will protect your business, your employees and your reputation.

Equipment Failure Coverage

We all take for granted that our equipment will serve us day in and day out – but what happens when your x-ray machine fails or your phone system goes on the blitz, your sterilizing unit malfunctions or your refrigeration units go out?

These types of interruptions can play havoc on your practice. Just as your patient’s owners expect you to provide service when needed, you expect the same in return from your equipment – but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Equipment Failure Coverage can help cover the costs of equipment repairs. Dependent upon what types of coverage you enroll in, it can also help cover lost income and other operating expenses.

Business property coverage

Protecting your assets, such as the building in which your practice is located, as well as all the assets located inside your building, from computers to floor coverings and from equipment to decorative plants, is important. Not only have you invested hard-earned money, but any major disruption could potentially lead to a loss of clients, possibly forcing you to close your business.

Whether the losses are the results of catastrophic weather, i.e. ice storms, floods, lightning strikes, etc. or from fires sparked by flames and embers from adjacent buildings, protecting your assets and getting you up and running again in the minimum amount of time is vital to staying in business.

General liability coverage

General liability helps pay for medical costs in the event you are found liable in an incident. While slips and falls are amongst the most common claims, if anyone is injured on your premises, for example, bitten in your waiting room and they sue you, this is where your General Liability Policy would come into play.

Business interruption coverage

This optional coverage is well worth consideration. Here’s why: Shutting down your practice due to a covered event can have a devastating effect on your income. By keeping good business records (offsite) this policy would help replace lost income as well.

Data Compromise Coverage

While you may make every effort to protect your client’s sensitive data collected on intake forms and credit cards, you could be held liable in the event of a data breach. Not only would you have to bear the costs of repairing your data files, but you could potentially be faced with multiple identity theft lawsuits that might ensue.

Besides investing in good cyber-security, Data Compromise coverage will help cover the cost of data recovery, notifying your clients about the data breach and help you offer credit-monitoring services.

Animal Bailee coverage

Although Animal Bailee Coverage is considered optional, it is one that should be given serious consideration, especially if you board, hospitalize or transport animals.

Ultimately, you are responsible for the well-being of animals in your care. Once again, if you experience a catastrophic event from nature, i.e. fire, flood, wind damage or theft of the animal, escape, or other animal attacks, you will be held accountable. However, if an animal gets injured while in the exam room, your Business Personal Property would take over coverage.

Malpractice Insurance coverage

Malpractice insurance, also known as Professional Liability or Errors & Omissions insurance kicks in when lawsuits are initiated for damages caused by mistakes made by your employees or your actions – this would include negligence. These types of lawsuits can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, draining all your savings, put you in bankruptcy, or loss of your business.


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