Term life insurance is a type of life insurance that covers you for a specific period, usually between 10 and 30 years. Term life insurance can be used to cover mortgages, children’s college tuition or any other financial obligations that are due at the end of your coverage term. Here are reasons why you should consider purchasing term life insurance:

You have an outstanding mortgage.

If your family does not make enough income to pay off the house before the mortgage runs out, then it is important for you to purchase term life insurance. It will help ensure that your spouse and kids don’t get stuck with all the debt if something happens to you unexpectedly.

Your child has expensive educational requirements.

If your child is in college, term life insurance can help cover the cost of tuition and other living expenses. It will also ensure that they don’t have to take a job while studying just so they can afford their education.

Term life insurance is less expensive than whole life insurance.

When you purchase term life insurance, your premiums will be much lower than if you were to sign up for whole life insurance. You can also get more coverage at a fraction of the cost with term life insurance compared to other types of policies such as universal and variable ones. It is important that term life insurance remains term even when interest rates go up.

You can buy term life insurance while you are healthy and then convert to permanent coverage if you develop a health problem.

You can purchase term life insurance if you are young and in good health, but then switch to permanent coverage once you become older or sicker. This will help ensure that your premiums stay affordable even when the rates go up due to age or medical condition.


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