Nothing is quite as frightening as returning home, from work, a night out, or a vacation, to find that your home has been broken into and your valuables were stolen. Fortunately, you can do several things to make such a traumatic event less likely.

Security System

Invest in a good security system. Such systems can include everything from an alarm if someone enters through a door or window, motion sensors, and cameras. A product like Ring can allow you to interact with someone at your front door as if you were still at home, even if you are some distance away. Place your valuables, such as expensive jewelry, in a home safe.

Your Property

Make sure that your yard is regularly trimmed and clear of debris such as children’s toys. Make sure that at least your backyard is secured by a solid, tall fence that is difficult to climb, trim shrubbery around places of egress such as doors or windows. If you have a two-story home, make sure any tree branches are trimmed back away from second-story windows. Insure that the exterior of your home is always well lighted, especially if you are away from the house.

While On Vacation

If you are on vacation, make sure that either the post office holds your mail, or a neighbor picks it up for you. If you have a neighborhood watch association, keep in close contact with it. Inform your neighborhood watch when you will be gone for an extended period, such as a business trip or vacation. Secure all your windows and doors with locks, even if you are home.

When you are gone from the house, leave the TV and/or radio on to make a potential burglar think you might be at home. A breaking and entering artist is not interested in being confronted by an angry and frightened homeowner. Do not advertise your extended absence from the home on social media.


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