Florida homeowners have long had trouble getting good rates from major insurance carriers. Hurricanes, floods and fires are all big risks in our state. Fortunately, Progressive has come out with an amazing home and auto bundle policy at an affordable rate for Floridians.

Progressive is one of the largest carriers in the country. They have a rock solid credit rating and millions of policies around the country. You may recognize them from their signature ads with their spokeslady Flo. They will be there for you in a time of need when you need a claim fast.

Auto and Home Bundle

Best of all, the company is providing home insurance in Florida. The combined rate of this coverage is less than if you purchased a home and auto policy individually. That makes this offer even more attractive.

Of course, Progressive is known around the country as offering extremely favorable rates for drivers. Good drivers with a clean record find affordable options that are hard to pass up. Combined with home policies, the rates are even more accommodating. Progressive even has a car shopper network that allows policyholders to get discounts on their new car purchases.

Perkshare Program

Progressive also offers a signature PerkShare program. This allows policyholders to get discounts on restaurants and entertainment just because they have insurance through Progressive. The company’s nationwide network ensures that there are many, many options in the PerkShare program.

Bundle policy purchases can be made directly online or through calling the toll free number 800-397-8780.


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