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Even with a homeowner’s policy, nothing can make you feel less protected than a hurricane. Hurricanes leave behind costly expenses and time-consuming repairs for those in their paths. We are now offering a revolutionary new insurance product that can help give you peace of mind this hurricane season. If you want to protect your home and belongings from hurricane damage, read on to find out how we can help you do that with StormPeace Hurricane Protection.

No Deductibles or Claim Forms

StormPeace works similarly to life insurance. The amount StormPeace pays you is fully transparent and agreed upon at the time of purchase. The amount paid depends upon the strength of a hurricane and its distance from your home. Because these things are easily verifiable, payment is issued without you needing to submit a claim. Most payments are made within 72 hours.

All Homes Are Covered

StormPeace covers all types of homes, whether you live in a mobile home or a house. StormPeace even protects your belongings, spoiled food, and power replacement if you live in an apartment!

Better Value

Traditional policies verify damage and only pays out for certain kinds of damages, after deductibles are paid. StormPeace never verifies damage and pays out for the very first dollar of damage with no exclusions. You’re notified within 24 hours and majority of claims are paid within 72 hours.

You can purchase StormPeace with or without any additional insurance coverage. If you do have a homeowner’s policy, however, your StormPeace coverage must be less than or equal to the hurricane deductible on your homeowner’s policy.

You’re Covered Even If It Doesn’t Make Landfall

Hurricane Matthew never made landfall, but caused over $1 billion in damages. Most insurance products didn’t cover Hurricane Matthew because it never made landfall, but StormPeace covers ALL hurricanes, regardless of whether they make landfall.


If you want to make sure all your bases are covered, let Oyer, Macoviak, and Associates help. We offer a wide umbrella of protection and can help you choose what is best for you. Click here to request a quote online.

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