Using golf carts as a legal mode of transportation is becoming more and more popular in Florida. So much so that new legislation has been created to make these low-speed vehicles legal. Here are 4 things you might want to know if you were thinking about driving a “street legal” golf cart.

Make sure your golf cart is fully equipped.

A golf carts must have the necessary parts to be considered a “street legal” golf cart, and just like with our cars, they must be in good working order.  Florida State statute 316.2122 states that for a golf cart to be legally driven on the streets it must be “equipped with headlamps, stop lamps, turn signal lamps, tail lamps, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, rear view mirrors, windshields, seat belts, and vehicle identification numbers.”

Make sure it’s registered and insured.

Any vehicle driven legally on the streets must be registered and insured. In fact, in the state of Florida, proof of insurance must be present before you will even be allowed to register your golf cart. This is the same law used to govern registration and insurance requirements for regular cars. And just like with your regular vehicles, if you get stopped by a police officer, it is important that you have your registration and insurance information ready.

Make sure you follow the rules of the road.

The same laws that apply to your normal cars also apply to your golf carts. And if you don’t follow the laws, just like with a regular car, you will probably get pulled over and might end up with a ticket. But by following these laws you can access most places within a city, because more and more communities are becoming accessible to low-speed vehicles such as golf carts.

For example, most beach communities, such as Boynton Beach, are accessible to low-speed vehicles. In fact, it’s such a common practice that there are many “street-legal” golf cart rental companies. Throughout the year, these carts can be rented by the day, or even multiple days if you need it longer.

Remember golf carts cannot drive over 35 mph.

This is the main difference between driving a golf cart on the streets and driving a regular car. Golf carts and other small vehicles can only be driven in places where the speed limit is 35 mph or less. One of the main reasons for this is safety. Even if your cart can go faster than 35 mph it’s not smart to drive faster. Golf cart injuries can be very severe, because even though you have a seat belt, golf carts do not give as much protection as cars do in an accident.

There are many things to know when using a “street legal” golf cart and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry. By remembering these 4 things you are sure to arrive safely to your destination without any problems.


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