A law firm, just like any other business, needs proper insurance to protect it from anything that may happen. However, many lawyers may wonder exactly what type of insurance policies they should have, especially if they are opening their own law firm for the first time. The fact is that since lawyers handle a lot of personal and sensitive information that requires confidentiality, there are risks unique to the legal profession that you will need to protect your firm against. To help you best protect yourself, here is an overview of just a few of the insurance policies you should consider taking out for your law firm.

General Liability

As with any business, it is important that your law firm has general liability coverage, as this will protect you from certain lawsuits involving injuries or property damage that result from your business operations. For instance, this insurance can help protect you if a client suffers an injury while on your property, or if one of your employees causes damage to a client’s property when providing services off-site. In some instances, your general liability insurance may even be able to cover certain libel and slander claims.

Commercial Property Coverage

You will also want to be sure to invest in commercial property coverage, as this will help to protect your law office and the things within it that you use to conduct business such as office furniture and equipment. This is vital coverage to have as this will help you to get back on your feet after a natural disaster, or if your office is broken into after hours.

Coverage for Data Breaches

Considering the sensitive information lawyers handle, it is most important that your law firm has data breach insurance. Since law firms often store sensitive and confidential information pertaining to their clients such as financial information and social security numbers, a data breach can end up costing you. However, data breach coverage can help you deal with the aftermath of a breach such as by helping you provide identity protection solutions to affected parties.


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