Regardless of the type of home you own, there are several areas that every home insurance quote should include. The first is the basic structure of your home. This includes the walls, floors, outer exterior, and roof. The exterior or interior of your home may sustain damage in several ways, including fire, severe weather, and vandalism. Most of these scenarios are beyond your control, so having coverage for your home’s basic structure provides valuable peace of mind. If your home is a total loss, your insurance policy should cover some or all the cost of replacing it.

Living Expenses While Your Home is Restored

The living expenses portion of a homeowner’s insurance policy covers the costs you incur living elsewhere until your home is once again inhabitable. For example, if a kitchen fire burned down half of the rooms in your home, you can’t live there until repairs are completed. Your insurance policy provides money for rent and other additional expenses you must take on because of the fire damage. It does not cover typical expenses like food and fuel.

Your Personal Possessions

As a long-term agent at Oyer, Macoviak and Associates, it is still difficult for me to see clients lose valuable personal items in a fire, theft, or another unfortunate situation. I work hard to create a policy that offers the best replacement rates for the items that matter the most to you.

Protection if Someone is Hurt on Your Property

Without homeowner’s insurance, accidents that happen in an instant can wipe out your financial security indefinitely. Liability insurance pays for medical and miscellaneous costs when someone who does not live with you sustains a severe injury on your property. Most medical insurance companies look to file a claim against homeowner’s insurance policies when such an accident occurs.

Providing Basic and Expanded Coverage

At Oyer, Macoviak and Associates, we offer all these types of protection as well as several optional add-ons to your homeowner’s insurance policy. Please contact us to request a quote at your convenience.

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