Minor Accident Automobile Insurance

As our part-time residents return to enjoy Florida’s balmy winter months, and the traffic on our roads increases, the risk of being involved in an accident also increases. Should an accident occur, it is important that you have your vehicle checked out by a qualified collision repair technician that you can trust, even if little or no damage is apparent.

It is not uncommon for one who is involved in a low-speed impact, such as a minor fender-bender, to fail to report the incident to their automobile insurance company, and to continue to drive their vehicle as if nothing ever happened. The problem is that by doing so, they could be putting their safety, and the safety of their passengers, at risk.

In many vehicles, the material that is included in front and rear bumpers for the purpose of absorbing an impact is only able to absorb the energy of an impact one time. The danger of minor accidents is that many times, damage occurs to this absorbent material that is not apparent unless a bumper is removed and inspected. Drivers, with good intentions, may casually assume that since they are able to pop a dent out themselves, or since their paint is barely scuffed, that they can be thankful that nothing serious happened. They assume that since their vehicle drives just fine, that they can go on about their merry way.

But they are wrong.

If a vehicle experiences damage in those areas designed to protect the rest of the vehicle and its occupants, those damaged areas of the vehicle are unable to provide further protection, should a second accident occur.

It is the responsibility of every driver to ensure that their vehicle is operating in a safe manner. Don’t let the fear of a rate hike keep you from reporting an accident, even if no damage is apparent. Your life, and the lives of your passengers, is worth more than a small insurance increase, should one occur.

If you are concerned about auto insurance costs, or are looking for affordable premiums, low deductibles, or adequate coverage, contact us. We would be happy to steer you in the right direction!