Insurance carriers are starting to order more underwriting reviews when it comes to renewals and the writing of new home insurance policies. Homeowners can be better prepared for these types of reviews or inspections by scheduling annual or semi-annual maintenance checks on air conditioners, water heaters, and other HVAC systems in the home.

Underwriting Inspections

Third-party insurance inspectors are typically hired to do exterior dwelling surveys for insurance carriers. In addition to the exterior house inspections, an underwriter may also ask for an evaluation to be done on the HVAC or electrical system in the home. The underwriter usually wants to know how old the air conditioner is on-site and if it is properly maintained. An old unit that is rusty and barely working could be considered a fire hazard. It can also be perceived as a sign of neglect.

Insurance inspectors will check boxes and make notes regarding the maintenance schedule of all HVAC systems in the house. They may also take photos of the units and record the dates of installation and service.


Air conditioners should be checked by a licensed contractor once or twice a year. It is important to have the HVAC contractor clean the coils and condensers as is necessary. They should also check the thermostat and change filters if necessary. If a homeowner has added an addition to his or her home, it is important to make sure the current AC unit is working efficiently enough to cool the entire house without being overloaded or inadequate.

Whenever a maintenance check is performed on a HVAC unit, the date of the service check should be recorded. It is important for homeowners to keep a copy of the invoice saved in their records for future reference.


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