Florida is well known for hurricanes and thunderstorms. 88% percent of all major hurricanes hit Florida or Texas, according to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Do you know what to do after a hurricane does damage to your vehicle? Here are the steps to take to return your vehicle and your life back to normal after a storm.

Step 1: Understanding Hurricane Damage to Your Auto

In late 2017, Hurricane Irma caused catastrophic damage to an estimated 200,000 vehicles in Florida. Here are the most common hurricane and storm damages caused to vehicles:

Flood (ex: you may be forced to leave behind additional vehicles if evacuating)
Windstorm (ex: high winds can pick up debris and hit your vehicle)
Falling Objects (ex: tree branches may fall on your vehicle)
These damage types are included in your auto policy under the Comprehensive (Other than Collision) coverage.

Step 2: Reporting an Incident

After making sure you and your family are out of harm’s way, you can call your insurance agent to report the damage done to your vehicle. The sooner you report an incident, the sooner we can help!

Step 3: Coordinating with Your Adjuster

After reporting the incident, an adjuster will contact you to review the next steps in the claims process. If possible, take photos of the vehicle damage before moving any debris. If your vehicle is not safely drivable, please let your adjuster know.

Step 4: Completing Repairs to Your Vehicle

Finding a reputable and reliable repair shop that you trust is important. Many carriers have recommended shops, so feel free to check in with your agent or adjuster. Hurricanes can affect many people in the same area, so the repair shops may need to give priority to fixing vehicles that are unsafe to drive. This is completely normal. If your vehicle is safe to drive, still report the incident as soon as possible.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

Stay safe! Make sure you and your family are safe before attempting to start the claims process. Rental coverage is a low-cost addition to your monthly premium that yields high-reward. When you need a rental vehicle, you will be glad to have the coverage. Remember that if multiple vehicles are affected, each one counts as an incident. If you claim damages to more than one vehicle, you will need to pay a comprehensive deductible for each incident.


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