Annual car insurance costs only tend to go up with every passing year. So what can you do to help keep the price you pay to a minimum?

Pay Upfront-Paid in Full Discount

If you pay for a full year’s premium in one go, then you will often save money. Some insurers allow you to split the cost of covering your car up over twelve installments. It is common for this to cost more in the long-term, however, because it is effectively a form of credit.

Only Insure for What You Need

Perhaps you have some named drivers on your insurance premium that hardly use the car? Maybe your insurer has your estimated yearly mileage down as more than it actually is? Check these things on your renewal premium and remove unnecessary insurance. Even something like breakdown cover may be included, which you can take out if it is not appropriate for your type of driving.

Increase Your Excess

By taking on more financial risk yourself in the form of excess, your insurance cost should go down. The excess is the amount you will pay out in the event of a claim before your insurance kicks in. The higher it is, the less you ought to be shelling out for.

Shop Around

Most insurers simply put up their premiums each year because they know many consumers fail to shop around. By changing insurer, you will often get a more attractive rate. Of course, you can also reduce insurance costs if you don’t drive every day. So long as you can park your car off the public road, why not consider daily insurance for the times it is in use and leave it uninsured at other times?


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