It is no secret car insurance can be expensive. But auto insurance does not have to break the bank! There are many ways you can save money on automobile insurance, and we will cover some of them in this article. Here are simple steps to saving money on auto insurance:

Compare car insurance quotes from other companies.

It never hurts to shop around for auto insurance quotes. This is one of the best ways to save money on automobile insurance because it will help you find cheaper rates than what you are currently paying!

Make sure your car has safety features that qualify for discounts, such as anti-lock brake systems (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC).

Take advantage of the discounts.

If your car is not insured with the same company, you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, call, and ask if they offer an additional discount for bundling policies together.

It never hurts to ask! Many companies will give a discount on auto insurance if you already have automobile insurance with them and you also have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance.

If your car is not financed, call, and ask if they offer a discount for that reason!

You can save money on auto insurance by calling the car insurer and asking if there are any discounts for this situation.

Do you drive less than ten thousand miles per year?

Drive less than ten thousand miles per year and you may be charged more for auto insurance. This is because car insurers base car insurance premiums on how much you drive your car! So, if you only drive it once every two weeks, this will cost extra money with increased automobile insurance rates.

Do not let your car insurance lapse.

This is a auto insurance mistake that many people make, and it can cost you! If your car insurance lapses for sixty days or more, the car insurer will refuse to renew your policy when it expires. This means you’ll have no automobile insurance until you find a new company that offers car coverage with affordable insurance rates.

Are you a college student?

If you are in college, car insurers may offer discounts if your car is registered to the school and there is a car club on campus that requires students to take their car for regular maintenance checkups. These factors can help reduce car insurance costs!

Raise your deductibles.

Increasing your automobile insurance deductibles by even five hundred dollars can reduce your insurance premiums. This is because the higher deductible lowers the car insurer’s risk since you would have to spend more money before they are required to pay for damages!

Consider your location?

Auto insurance rates vary by car insurer, car model and location. Some parts of the country are more expensive to insure your car in than others! So, if you live somewhere with higher automobile insurance premiums, increasing deductibles is a great way to save money on insurance.

Do not make claims for small damages.

Many car insurers will raise automobile insurance premiums if you’ve made too many claims. This is because car insurers base insurance rates on statistics, so they know that someone who makes more than one claim in a brief period has increased chances of making another insurance claim in the future!


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