Do you find business insurance confusing? Do you know where to start when searching for business insurance? If so, then this article is for you! We will walk through the process of finding commercial insurance and explain how to choose the right one.

Understand the difference between business insurance and personal insurance.

Business insurance is meant to protect business-related activities while personal insurance protects your business against damages that you may cause.

For example, if a customer slips in front of your business and sues you for negligence, business liability coverage would cover the legal expenses associated with this situation. Personal liability coverage would not be sufficient because you are not working when you injure the customer.

Also, business insurance does not cover any damages that may be caused by your personal actions, damage to equipment under your care or loss of income while you are at work. These would still fall on the business owner’s shoulders and usually is covered in commercial insurance policies if they have them included.

As you can see business insurance is different than personal. Understanding this difference between business and personal liability coverage will help you to narrow down your search for commercial insurance because the type of protection needed varies depending on what kind of business it is, whether there are employees involved, etcetera. Next, we will talk about types of commercial insurance.

Business Insurance can take on many forms, but business insurance usually falls into three main categories: general liability, property, and business interruption coverage.

First let’s talk about General Liability Coverage which is also known as “slip and fall” protection because it protects you against lawsuits related to injuries that may happen in your business premises, or business-related activities that happen away from your business property. Here are some examples of what is covered under this type of commercial insurance:

Property Insurance, sometimes called commercial multi-peril coverage, protects businesses against damages associated with fire and other perils which includes things like vandalism to the building where your business operates as well as damage caused by severe weather. Here are some examples of what is covered under this type of business insurance:

Business interruption coverage can help you in case your business suffers a loss due to things like property damage or the fault of another person and it has been judged by an outside party such as your insurer, that your business will suffer financial losses for more than one day due to business closures. Here are some examples of what is covered under this type of business insurance:

Get a quote from an agent on your options for coverage.

There are many business insurance agents out there that can help you choose the type of business coverage that works best for your business.

Here is what to ask an agent when getting a quote: – How much will it cost? – What kind of business do I have and how big is my risk exposure? These two questions will help narrow down the commercial insurance options for your business. – Does my business have employees? If so, what kind of coverage do I need to provide them with in case something happens on the job or while they are traveling on company business? This question will help you determine if your business needs a workers compensation policy as well as general liability and property insurance policies.

Compare quotes to find the best deal.

After narrowing down business insurance options for your business based on the information you obtained from an agent, it’s time to compare quotes. Quotes can be compared by calling a few different agents and asking them what type of business coverage they offer as well as how much their premiums are. Remember that commercial insurance policies vary depending on the company selling them, so be sure to ask business insurance agents about their business specifically.

Once you have received quotes for business insurance it is important that you compare the information on each one and see which policy works best for your business. If they are all similar, then this comparison becomes easier because now you can focus only on price as a differentiator between policies.


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