Home insurance is one of the most valuable things you can have if your home is hit with either a natural disaster, such as a flood or high winds, or a crime such as theft or a burglary. Here are three tips that can help you if you ever have to file a house insurance claim.

One. Inventory Your Home

Insurance companies need to know what items were lost and how much they cost in the event of a claim. You can make your life much easier by conducting an inventory of your home. In fact, this is a very good idea for the next time you obtain a new policy or your policy renews, so that you are assured you are getting a policy worth what your household goods under the insurance policy are worth.

So take the time to talk around and make a list of every piece of personal property in the home. Remember that it should include everything you would need to replace in case of an event, so furniture, appliances, fixtures, floor coverings, clothing, entertainment centers, and more. Remember to include all floors of your home, including basements or attics. Remember to survey the garage as well, of course, and any outbuildings such as a garden shed.

If you have a video camera, a video of each room is helpful. If not, take multiple pictures — at least one of each item.

Two. Ascertain the Value of Your Home on a Regular Basis

In many parts of the country and in Florida, home prices have appreciated over the past decade. When you are getting a new policy, or your policy needs to be renewed, double-check to see that you are insured for the full value of your home. After all, you don’t want to be insured for $250,000 if your home is now worth $350,000. Again, you want the replacement value in the event of a claim.


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