A person can keep a home in immaculate condition and the lawn in pristine shape, and still be at risk for injury or lawsuits due to the presence of an attractive nuisance. It is important to know how owning certain permanent fixtures or personal property, known as attractive nuisances, can impact a house insurance policy.

House Insurance and Attractive Nuisances

Types of Attractive Nuisances

Outdoor fire pits, a tree house, play sets, basketball hoops, pets, and more are all examples of attractive nuisances. If a person owns something that can entice others on to their property than they are at an increased risk for liability or damage to the home.

During a severe storm the existence of a large basketball hoop could cause damage to a roof or home’s exterior if it were to get blown over and collide with the dwelling. Fire pits are fun and cozy, but they are also a fire hazard. Pools and playground type equipment are entertaining for young children, but they also increase the chances of an adolescent getting injured.

Liability and Coverage

Homeowners could end up spending a lot of money if someone were to ever get hurt on their property, even if that person is an uninvited guest. According to the International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI). “In some cases, the landowner has been held absolutely liable for injuries to children in connection with an attractive nuisance even though the children were trespassers.

It is a good idea for a homeowner to always consult with his or her agent before purchasing an attractive nuisance. A committed agent will be able to address all questions and concerns. They will also be able to discuss adding a personal umbrella policy for additional coverage in the event of a liability dispute.


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