Homeowners Insurance Fire Prevention Tips

No one wants to experience a house fire. It is devastating to watch your home and possessions burn. Homeowners can and should take steps to reduce the likelihood of having a house fire. Consider the following homeowners insurance tips for fire prevention.


  • Verify your stove top and oven are working properly. If you identify any issues have them fixed immediately. To avoid grease fires make sure to clean the stove top and oven regularly.
  • Make sure you store towels, potholders and other flammable materials away from the stove top or any other appliance that produces heat.
  • Keep an eye on children around cooking areas. Make sure pot handles are aimed toward the back of the stove top so they are out of reach of children.


  • Worn, broken, frayed or loose wires should be replaced as soon as they are identified.
  • Unplug appliances when they are not being used.
  • Do not run cords in high traffic areas, under rugs or across doorways.
  • Practice safe use of outlets. Do not overload them.


  • Keep the area around your dryer vent cleared.
  • Clean out the lint trap before every dryer cycle.


  • Store gasoline in an appropriate, approved container.
  • Store paints and flammable liquids in their original container with the proper label. Be sure the lids are sealed. Keep these items away from sources of heat or flame.
  • Dispose of oil-soaked rags immediately.

Smoke Detectors

No, they won’t prevent a fire but they are still an important aspect of fire safety that can not be overlooked. Be sure to have a smoke detector on every level of your home. In addition, each bedroom should have a smoke detector in the room. The top and bottom of any staircases should also have a smoke detector. This means many homes require 6 or more smoke detectors. Since they have been proven to save lives by giving people early notification of a fire it is well worth the investment. Change the batteries regularly to keep them functioning properly. If your smoke detectors are 10 years or older it is time to replace them with new ones.

Automatic Sprinklers

Consider installing an automatic sprinkler system in your home. The sprinkler will slow down the path of the fire allowing you and your loved ones more time to get out of the house. In addition, it may reduce the amount of damage caused by a fire.

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