One of the great fears of any homeowner is the threat of a burglar entering their home and taking their stuff. However, a few simple steps can greatly lessen that threat.

DeadBolt Lock

A burglar’s most common means of entry to a home is a swift kick to the part of the door where the deadbolt lock enters the door jamb. Part of the deadbolt lock system is called the strike plate, a metal plate affixed to the door jamb with holes where the deadbolt inserts. Some home centers sell strike plate reinforcement kits that will help secure the door from being kicked in easily.

Smart Lock

While you’re reinforcing your door, consider installing a smart lock with a keypad. Some smart locks use a finger pad or a smartphone to open and close as well. A smart lock can be expensive, but you will no longer have to worry about losing your keys.

A peel and stick alarm might be a cheap alternative to getting a home security service, though the latter is certainly worth your while to keep burglars out. The peel and stick alarms install easily and even though they don’t summon police, they emit an ear-splitting noise that will deter just about any breaking and entering artists.

Video Doorbell

Other ideas include installing a video doorbell that will allow you to communicate with anyone who rings the bell even if you are away from the house; securing your patio doors and windows with locks; and removing concealment by cutting back shrubbery and installing extra lights, especially in the backyard.

Your homeowner’s insurance will help to make you whole if a burglar does invade your home, but stopping such criminals to begin with will avoid tons of aggravation and that sense of violation and fear that a successful burglary causes.


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