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Whether you love the high life or the outdoors, Delray Beach is a great place to live.

Want to go bird watching? There is the Wakodahatchee Wetlands to stroll through. Want to marvel at art? You have the whole Pineapple Grove Arts District to peruse. It has the classic warm water beaches and reefs that make Florida special, and yet it has its own vibe that made Rand McNally nominate it as the Most Fun Small Town. This can make it a wonderful place to settle down or to put in your vacation home.

Naturally, type of home is going to have all of your favorite things that make your property your own.  A house is more than four walls, and a Delray Beach home is a collection of all the memories and souvenirs that you accumulate from living there.

You will want to keep these precious memories intact for as long as possible, but, just like other less fun towns, Delray Beach has its share of disasters. Fires can happen anywhere, for one thing, and the area has had many floods, thunderstorms, and tornadoes since being founded in 1923.

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FAQ Home Insurance

It is a cover against financial loss arising out of the occurrence of an insured event in respect of one or more residential premises, whether owned or rented. It is obtained from the insurer for a premium, on payment by the insured to him at regular intervals throughout his tenure as owner or tenant. The insurance policy covers only 'hazards' as are defined in the policy. The risk is assumed by the insurer.

Every homeowner or tenant must have home insurance. The homeowner pays for home insurance in two ways: Firstly, by paying an annual premium to the insurer to provide coverage against claims made under the home policy during that period; secondly, by footing any claim wherever possible within a notional sum specified in the policy as 'contributory loss'. The homeowner is directly responsible for liability to the insurer beyond the 'contributory loss'.

The home policy covers all perils of burglary, theft, or malicious damage; accidental or unintentional injury to persons and damage to property within the home premises caused by fire, lightning, explosion, or smoke; damp arising from defective plumbing or defective or leaking gutters and roofs; leakage of water supply due to burst pipes; collapse of home structure in the event of fire, lightning, explosion, or accidental damage. These are the main areas of coverage under home insurance policy.

Home insurance does not cover certain home hazards which include home-related diseases, home-produced smoke, gases or fumes produced within the home premises and damage from home use of non-specified electrical appliances. Also not covered are home hazards due to the nature of occupation (i.e.) home occupations such as a dance studio.

No, home insurance policies vary in the sense that they define home differently. In one policy home may mean home premises only while in another it would include a home office no matter how near the home office is to home or whether home and home office are rented out under one policy.

Home Insurance provides homeowners and home tenants with protection against home hazards to a great extent and, in addition, home insurance can also be used by homeowners as collateral for home loans from banks or other financial institutions. A homeowner can even use his home as security over which he has an insurable interest. home insurance also covers homeowners against home hazards arising from home occupation. Home Insurance can reduce home losses in the event of home hazards and, at the same time, avoid financial loss to homeowners who have home insurance policies.

You may cancel the home insurance policy at any time by writing to the home insurer. The home insurance policy would then cease from such cancellation date.

Every homeowner should contact his home insurer immediately after a home hazard occurs and report it so that steps can be taken to assess the home damages, estimate home repair and replacement cost etc. If home insurance is purchased as part of home loan package, homeowners must also contact the home lender at the same time.

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Home insurance in Florida has always been a difficult subject, but we love a challenge. This is why we opened in 1953, when it was hard to get good policies to cover people's properties. As a result, we have become experts in finding the right insurance policies for individuals in this county and Martin, Broward and St Lucie counties. Each of our clients will be educated about the best policies for their situation, and, since we represent multiple insurance companies, they will get policies written that are tailored just for their homes.

Oyer, Macoviak and Associates is a family-run company, devoted to giving our clients personal service. If you are looking in Delray Beach for a home and know you will need home insurance to have peace of mind while living here, contact us. We look forward to getting together your policies.

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