Oyer, Macoviak and Associates is not your average car insurance agency. We want you to be safe, happy and well-informed, no matter who you choose for insurance. Finding the right insurance company is certainly not a fun task, but it’s nothing compared to the nightmare of needing good insurance and not having it. Taking the extra time to include these four tips in your search will make all the difference should you ever have to rely on your coverage.

  1. Insurance policies and requirements vary from state to state. Have you recently moved or did you acquire your insurance in another state? This is common with college students and military families. The changes and guidelines are probably an easy adjustment, but this is why it is so important to contact your insurance company and your lender anytime you have a change of address or where the vehicle is. It’s so unfortunate when a loyal paying customer has a claim not covered because of a simple change that the company wasn’t aware of.
  2. No question or answer is unimportant. There are more than a few questions that any potential agent will ask you or an online quote will require. Make sure you are reading carefully without distraction. An incorrect answer could make you miss out on serious savings or invalidate your new coverage. Some questions seem redundant or having nothing to do with cars or insurance, but rest assured, they are all asked with good reason. Be up front and honest with any agent you speak to instead of tip-toeing around sensitive issues. Not only do they know the business, but they are drivers just like you.
  3. Don’t let insurance lapse in between policies. This increases your insurance premiums. Are you shopping for insurance because you bought a new car or are you unhappy with your current provider? Having any period of missing coverage can actually mean a higher premium, simply because of the risk you are taking when driving without coverage. If you want a new company, wait until you make the change to cancel your existing insurance. Do not cancel a policy in haste when you’re angry or frustrated. If you’re purchasing a vehicle from a private seller, regardless of what they may say about existing coverage, you are not covered. It just takes a phone call to get covered before you get behind the wheel. Luckily, purchasing from a dealership adds some extra security since they typically don’t let you leave the lot without coverage.
  4. Getting just liability insurance is a dangerous chance to take. Pinching pennies on a small increase in your monthly payment will cost you a lot more when you have a serious accident. Your insurance will cover the other driver, but you have your own medical bills, loss of work and possibly without a car. That bit of extra every month an investment in your future. When dealing with the consequences of an accident or injury, why add financial worries to the list? Full-coverage insurance covers so many things you would never imagine. Hail damage, accidents with no other vehicle involved, glass repair from flying debris and many other unpredictable mishaps. The value of your vehicle will drop significantly as these things are happening and you have no resources to cover repairs.

Contact us for any questions about insuring in the state of Illinois and surrounding areas. You don’t have to hire us to have your questions answered. It’s simply a safe and smart practice to know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to auto insurance. Choosing the wrong company is costly and frustrating, should you have to repeat this process again later.

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