Many people know about street legal golf carts in Florida, but few are aware of street legal golf cart insurance. Street legal golf carts are a popular way for people to get around the state, and if you own one of these vehicles then you need street legal golf cart insurance from a trusted company. There are many reasons why street legal golf carts require special coverage – let’s look at some of them!

What is Golf Cart Insurance and how does it work?

Street legal golf carts are street-legal and have a top speed of 25 miles per hour. They’re often as big as cars but are unable to carry anyone other than the driver or passenger. These features make golf carts quite different from normal street vehicles that require traditional insurance policies – so it’s important for drivers to know what street legal golf cart insurance is.

Why do you need Golf Cart Insurance in Florida

In Florida, street legal golf carts are classified as “automobiles.” That means that street legal golf cart drivers in this state must have a valid driver’s license to use them on public roads.

Street Legal Golf Cart Insurance is mandatory for street-legal vehicles because they can be easily damaged if an accident occurs, and the cost of repair or replacement can be substantial.

The street legal golf cart insurance policy will cover the costs of repairs and/or damages to your street-legal vehicle, as well as provide protection in case a third party is injured or killed while riding inside your street-legal golf cart.

For drivers who are new to street legal carts (and for those who are new to golf carts in general), street legal golf cart insurance is a necessary and inexpensive way of ensuring peace of mind.

Don’t be fooled by street-legal golf carts that look like traditional golf cars but lack the proper safety features required by law. Most street legal models have seat belts for passengers on board as well as headlights and street-legal tires.

How to find the right insurance for your golf cart 

There are a variety of street-legal cart models that look quite different from the traditional golf car. First, ask yourself if you need street legal coverage to drive your street-legal golf cart on public roads and parking lots.

Street legal carts come with safety features like seat belts for passengers, headlights, street tires and more.

If you only need to drive street-legal carts on private property, then buying golf cart insurance might not be necessary. Golf cars that have street legal features are more expensive and often come with higher premiums than traditional golf car models.

The benefits of having a golf cart insurance policy in Florida

Besides street legal carts, there are many other benefits of having a golf cart insurance policy in Florida. Whether for personal or commercial use, it is important to consider the cost of replacing your vehicle if you have an accident and need repairs. If street-legal features aren’t necessary but you still want some protection from accidents while using your golf cart, then you might want to consider purchasing a golf car insurance policy.

Golf cart insurance is there not just for street-legal carts but also other models that are used in different ways around the state. There are many benefits of having a golf cart insurance policy in Florida so don’t hesitate to call and find out more.


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