Though most business owners have general business insurance, which often includes liability, commercial property, and business income, the truth is that may not be enough! When thinking about insurance, you must think long term. Though you may not want to pay a little extra every month, the truth is that insurance can really help you if you need it. You could lose your business and home if you end up facing legal troubles.

So, what are some other types of insurance that you may want to consider? Here are some of the most common ones.

Limited Care, Custody or Control Property Damage Coverage

This coverage is available to help protect you and your business against property damage.

Non-Owned Auto Liability

If you and your employees use your vehicles for your business, you may want to investigate non-owned auto liability insurance. This will help to cover costs that are related to bodily injury or property damage due to a car accident.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Even the most careful business owners can make a mistake. If this costs your customers money, they could sue you and your business.

Data Breach

You may also want to consider data breach insurance because you know a lot of sensitive information about your customers. If someone steals this information, you could be facing serious legal consequences so it might be something to think about.

If you are serious about protecting yourself, you may want to look into extra insurance for property damage, auto liability, and even errors and omissions insurance. Data breach insurance will also help in case someone steals the sensitive information that you keep on your computer and office.


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