Delivery is becoming a more and more popular small business, especially with drop shipping, food deliveries, and specialty businesses. Even if you work independently and you don’t have any employees, things can get tricky when you moving someone else’s property from one location to another because of all the parties and interests involved. Here’s how to make sure your own interests are protected:

Make sure your policy has inland marine coverage

The name is this insurance coverage can seem a bit beside the point: if your business has nothing to do with the ocean or boats, it sounds irrelevant. But inland marine insurance covers property that’s being transported (regardless of the method). This is crucial because liability and property insurance often apportion responsibility according to where the goods are and what’s being done to them. So you need insurance for storing goods, transporting goods, and, if this is part of your business, modifying the cargo.

Protect your specialty delivery equipment

Whether it’s cold storage for perishables or extra security for valuable goods, chances are your business’s vehicle has been a bit customized to get work done. Comb through your modifications and make sure everything you wanted coverage for actually has protection.

Ask an expert instead of assuming you’re covered

Sometimes coverage names can be misleading or the exceptions can be nonsensical to parse through. Contact one of our experts at Oyer, Macoviak and Associates, and we can help you find any differences between what you think your coverage should be and what it currently is. Then we can help you find a better plan.

Delivery has a lot of responsibility because you’re handling other people’s property in different situations.


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