Around three-quarters of American small businesses lack vital insurance, according to Entrepreneur magazine. Disasters and legal action can easily destroy these companies. Your small firm probably needs coverage for one or more reasons:


If customers visit your office, shop or any other building, your small business should have insurance. There’s always a risk that someone will become injured. It only takes a slippery surface or faulty piece of equipment to trigger a costly lawsuit.

The same holds true if you perform a task for customers. Financial, repair and health-related services have the potential to harm clients when you make a mistake. Your company might not survive the resulting legal action if it lacks sufficient coverage.

Do you produce your own goods and sell them? If so, there’s the possibility that a product defect will inflict a serious injury, cause illness or trigger property damage. Even the smallest manufacturers ought to be adequately insured.


If you employ one or more people, you’re typically required by law to carry workers’ compensation coverage. This type of policy ensures that staff members receive sufficient assistance when they become injured while working.


Like homes, commercial buildings need insurance to protect owners against disaster-related losses. A fire, tornado or robbery can easily cost thousands of dollars. Even when you rent a building, your business may have expensive equipment and merchandise to protect.


You should acquire business auto coverage before using any motor vehicles for commercial tasks. Don’t try to rely on personal car insurance; the insurer will probably reject your claim if an accident occurs while you’re working.

A knowledgeable agent can help you gain suitable coverage at an affordable cost. Our friendly staff will identify the right types of insurance for your business and find a trusted insurer with competitive rates.


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