Many entrepreneurs are starting businesses in their homes. Instead of renting an office somewhere, they set up shop on their dining room table, in a spare room, or even the basement. Because of that, most entrepreneurs don’t think about insurance, thinking that their homeowners’ insurance will cover anything.

However, that isn’t the best way to think about insurance. Here are some reasons why you need insurance for your home-based business.

Homeowners Policy

Your homeowner’s policy won’t cover anything to do with your business. This includes any professional equipment that you may need to run your business. It also won’t cover any of your files and the technology that you need to run your business.

Employees at Your Home

If you have employees coming to your home, it is important that have business insurance. You need to protect your home and business in case something happens to your employees.

Clients at Your Home

Same goes if you have customers coming to your home regularly. You need to protect yourself if something happens to any customers on your property.

If something happens, you could be responsible for property damage and lawsuits. This also includes injuries to your employees and any issues that may be related to loss of data.

If you rely on your business income to support yourself, you may want to look into additional coverage. If you are unable to work, your business insurance may be able to help you out. For this reason, you need insurance to help you get through the difficult times.

Though you may not worry about it, the truth is that you really should have insurance for your business. Your homeowner’s policy won’t cover any lawsuits due to loss of data or injury on your property for your business. It also won’t cover any losses if you are unable to run your business!


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