Home Insurance No Flood Coverage

Floridians face a risk of flooding due to the overall geography of the state. The typical homeowners’ insurance or business insurance policy does not usually cover a flood. A separate policy may be required as a condition of your mortgage, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s Website. Unless flood coverage is purchased with a new homeowner’s policy a 30-day waiting period before flood insurance policies take effect is required.

“The water damage covered by a typical homeowners policy is usually limited to water that comes in from a hole in the roof or from a broken pipe inside the home,” advised Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin M. McCarty in an April 1, 2015, press release. “To cover the storm surge and freshwater flooding often associated with hurricanes and tropical storms, you should have a separate flood insurance policy.”

With the passing of Senate Bill 542 in 2014, more coverage options became available and these options enable us to better provide you flood insurance coverage in Florida. The legislation provides an alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Insuring your home or business against a flood is more affordable than you think! A flood can cause horrible odors from mold and mildew that can sometimes never leave your home or business if the proper repairs are not made. Coverage for a flood will ensure you have the resources to clean and restore to the way things once were.

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