Most people feel that home insurance is a commodity. You would buy it from any company, and you were paying similar prices to everyone else in your neighborhood. Citizens is different because the citizens of the State of Florida own them.

Citizens Property Insurance unfortunately is one of the fastest-growing home insurers in Florida with over four hundred thousand homeowner’s policies in 2021.

Who is Citizens Property Insurance Company?

Citizens Property Insurance Company is a home insurer that was established in 2002 by the Florida Legislature. Citizens Property Insurance Company must insure home insurance policies, and it’s owned by its policyholders who are all the homeowners in their state.

Their mission statement for this company is to provide insurance products and services that meet the needs of Florida property owners who are, in good faith, entitled to obtain coverage through the private market but are unable to do so.

They are one of the biggest home insurance companies in Florida. They have over four hundred thousand home policies, and they write almost six billion dollars’ worth of home insurance coverage every year.

Who owns them?

Citizens Property Insurance Company is owned by home insurance policyholders in Florida. The homeowners pay premiums into a fund, and this home insurer uses that money to be able to provide home insurance coverage for their customers.

What does Citizens Property Insurance cover?

This home insurer provides coverage for both residential properties as well as mobile homes where they can provide home insurance coverage also provide home insurance coverage for condominiums, renters, and even rented properties. In addition, they provide property coverage for commercial properties.

Is Citizens Property Insurance a government agency?

No, Citizens Property Insurance Company is not a government agency. While this home insurer is owned by home insurance policyholders in Florida where they are charged with the responsibility to provide home coverage when private insurers cannot write policies or simply do not want to make an investment in these homeowners’ homes. So, while it’s important for them to have guaranteed access to private markets, that does not mean that Citizens Policyholder Corporation acts like a traditional state-run monopoly which many people fear about their premiums being too high, and claims being denied because of favoritism towards certain companies over others.


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